About Us

"As you came down the quiet road of (Business 290) rest at 510 10th street the business “SIX SHOOTER JUNCTION” got its head start! Dana Frazier, the owner of the unique boutique held the once given boisterous name of Hempstead by travelers due to the shot’em up reputation. However, the Boutique was far from hostile and every bit the hospitality of Texas friendliness. One might feel as family among friends in this small boutique which offers customer service in a polite southern style. The sales clerk might offer shoppers a glass of Texas sweet Tea or perhaps a Popsicle for the kids as mom’s browse through the store searching for a special gift. The atmosphere is pleasant and the staff is personable."

"In the circle of close friends, Dana saw a need for her community of Hempstead. Her friends often complained about having to drive out of town to shop. “Wouldn’t it be nice having a store here where we can shop” stated one friend of Dana’s.

Dana who commutes daily manages a large Jeweler business in Houston. Taking her skills and listening to the needs of her community, she put the ideas into motion."

Although Six Shooter Junction has made its way to Magnolia,TX and Montgomery,TX we have not forgotten the meaning and character that was given to us from Hempstead,TX!

Hempstead had been a town of the six gun growing out of the Texas Revolution into the annexation of the nation and broken between Confederate and Union leadership. Although, heated debates never had been so hostile until a violent fight shocked the nation in 1905. U.S. Congressman John Pinckney, his brother, and two others were gunned down in the courthouse while meeting with prohibitionists, who had recently won a major battle in their attempts to ban alcohol. Heckling began, and in less than two minutes, four people were dead. The Waller County Courthouse was riddled with more than 75 shots in the heated and unexpected gun-fight. The town blemished in reputation as “Six Shooter Junction.”

Story by Roger Edison

The town has been graced with characters that often seem more like the folklore of a dime store novel or perhaps legends as large as the state of Texas. Lillie E. Drennan was the first woman to obtain a commercial truck driver's license in Texas. She operated her Hempstead freight truck line wearing slacks with her six shooter holster strapped to her waist along with the large brim silverbelly hat with the unblocked crown. Lillie didn’t take any lip off any man or allowed her trucks to ever be hijacked.

Through the decades, Hempstead like most small towns changed. It survived tough times, good times and found more oil and gas or cattle ranching developments over the once ambiance of cotton fields. Hempstead even became the nation’s largest watermelon producer through the 1940’s earning the title as the Watermelon Capital celebrated every July with the Watermelon Festival.